What happens if it rains?

We go ahead in all weather, if it looks like it might be wet, bring an umbrella/rain coat .

Is the tour suitable for my child under 8?

Our Ghost Tours are NOT suitable for under 8's. The content and lateness of our tours are not suitable for young children.  If children are disruptive on tour we ask that parents/guardians take them aside from the tour until they are settled again.

How do I pay?

Either book in by clicking the red 'booking' button here on the site OR walk into the Tasmanian Tourism and Information Centre to buy tickets by 5pm.

Can I bring my camera?

Yes we encourage you to bring a camera if you have one and will show you some terrific captures along the way and give you tips on Ghost Photography.

Will it be cold?

Yes we get asked this quite often, the safest answer is YES expect the night to be cool and have a jacket/jumper with you.

Are there toilets on the tour?

The 7D Cinema has toilets available for use for our guests, however, there are no toilets available during tours.

Is there much walking involved?

Our Ghost Tours are walking tours, our Hobart route is a very easy stroll whereas our Battery Point route does have some stairs and one hill. Both routes are essentially a leisurely stroll.

Will I see a ghost?

Our Ghost Tours visit various known haunted sites, some ghosts perform well for cameras but we cannot predict what their antics will be on any given night. We do have a couple of ghosts along the way that are seen with the naked eye quite often.

Can I smoke or drink alcohol on tour?

Alcohol is never allowed on our tours!

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