We offer two types of tours for our School Groups.

STUDENTS OVER 10 y.o.a: our evening tours cater well for the older student and we work in with the staff to provide a great night out!

We work very closely with the organising staff to accommodate times etc. For visiting school/sport groups over 20 students/staff

.  We do not take members of the public on these student tours and they are effectively exclusive to students and staff for your peace of mind!


STUDENTS UNDER 10 y.o.a:  We offer a daytime shorter tour for the younger students.

For the younger attendees our tours are more fun-history based so as not to frighten them! We offer an afternoon hour-long tour which can meet either in Salamanca or up in Battery Point. We visit various sites, including the tunnels and Arthurs Circus and can largely tailor the tour to the staff's needs.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: attending staff are responsible for all students behaviour!

please email: or call us on the spook phone: 0467 687 004 to discuss your needs

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