Here we have some brilliant Ghost Photographs from our tours, some taken by visitors, some by the staff. Be sure to check out both pages, newest additions on page two!

I always recommend that folks with an interest in Ghost Photography have a look at our gallery and also and go to their free gallery.

A big thank you to all who have contributed Ghost Photos so far! keep those great captures rolling in folks,
Adel  Ghost Photography is really as simple as point and click in many cases - throw in a dash of good luck and you are well on your way to getting your own awesome captures.

The Ghost Tours of Hobart and Battery Point encourage people to bring their cameras and any other paranormal equipment along on tour. We will give great tips as we go along as to how to best get started with Ghost Photography!

For example, we recommend that people DON'T use their night vision with still camera shots as it can often lead to motion blur and really compromise the shot. Best to simply use auto flash setting for night time captures! Night vision is terrific if you are using a tripod and can guarantee that there will be no motion blur or light streams as a result of a moving hand.
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